Lose a lot at the bookie?
Buy out or rent minus accounts in Bookmakers

We do not organize gambling games and do not encourage people to participate in such games
Cooperation options
Each client is different, so we provide several options for cooperation
  • Account Buy
    You give us an account, you can choose either 10% of wagering or a fixed amount in hand
  • Account Rent
    We play on your account, pay 10% of wagering. For example, after wagering 5000€, you get 500€
  • Recommendation
    If your account is not suitable, we will pay up to 500€ per transaction on recommendation
Why do you need my account?
We have been dealing with bookmaker forks for more than 7 years and we get a plus on each of our accounts. The bookmaker always reduces the limits of such accounts, in some cases to 0. Therefore, professional players buy or rent accounts that are in the minus, which have no limits and are of little interest to bookmakers.

I don't understand this...

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How We Works
You write
To start working we need to check your account for the amount of money lost on it, as well as to see the activity in the last three months
Account verification
If your account fits our criteria, we discuss the terms of cooperation with you, offer the most favorable conditions in the market

Discussion of details

If you are satisfied with the terms of work, we appoint a personal meeting
Our work and payment
We offer you two types of working conditions. Either we take your account for rent and you get a percentage of the profit of the account at the end of the work, or we buy out your account in full

About us
and why
you can trust us

We are a team of experienced arbitrageurs and experts on betting forks, working in this field for more than 7 years.

During this time we have accumulated vast experience and in-depth knowledge, allowing us to successfully help clients with a net loss of 10,000 euros or more to sell or lease their betting accounts on favorable terms.

Our main goal is to help our clients to recoup their losses. We have developed effective strategies and techniques that allow us to find the best solutions for each client and recover a part of their lost funds.

We guarantee complete confidentiality and security of all transactions, providing our clients with confidence in the reliability of our approach.

We work as transparently and openly as possible, don't be afraid to ask us your questions.

Any questions?
Still have questions about selling, renting, or referrals?
Feel free to write us or leave your contacts and we will contact you
Feel free to write to us, we will have answers to your questions
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